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Communication is a master key for opening development gates and our Islamic Iran is determined for accessing to development in all areas. For this reason, SADID telecommunications group aims to accompany the way of reaching to sustainable and living development with a wealth of experience and specialties. The inexhaustible attempt of SADID for providing needs of every project and their enthusiasm for performing executive commitments on the basis of global standards has acquired the full satisfaction of employers ever time and it has been a step for development and improvement of telecommunications industry of this territory. These national successes have encouraged us, while seeking the Divine power and strength, to act for issuing of engineering and technical services of telecommunications in order to have share in expanding Iranian knowledge and promoting technological rank of Iran in international communications field. We are determined to accomplish successfully the international telecommunications projects like the internal projects with employing all technical power and present managerial knowledge in SADID complex and tenaciously have a share on the way of realization of national aims and Islamic goals of our glorious country. No need to say that the consequence of science, enthusiasm and action will pave the way and emerge bright horizons.

Human Resources Management

In the continuous variations period, it is only via the policy-making based on the modern management knowledge that we can hope to implementation of the promising future. Systematic & academic management is the only direction for optimization rising in the effective agencies. Without expression, it is clear that the thoughtful capitals and material resources existed in each agency founded based on the knowledge, it would be maintainable and reproducible only in the supporting of capable management and equipped to the science and technology. Based on this belief that the managerial bases of SADID Company, is stable on that, specialization, experience and obligation, base of work forces selection, was located at the first of this set's foundation. Young specialists would enter to the field in the technical supporting of the experienced experts and knowledge-axis of this set. Research and innovation, would be counted as from the organizational values of SADID Group as well as criterion for the personnel's operation assessment. Also, In the successful performance direction of SADID Group's Strategies, the coherent and precise division of labor has been defined among technical departments of this set, so that this structure and labor, lead the cluster movement of the expertise for telecommunications, mechanics, electricity, civil engineering, industries and so on in the direction of organization development and providing the employer's necessities. Division of labor in SADID, is along with power delegation based on the technical qualification, rate of individual self-inducing and power of occupant forces popular participation whereto the entire affairs would be followed in a level and uniform and in parallel with each other. Supreme directors in SADID, believe that we can guarantee the agency's survival by implementing a proper team of human power at the time of occurrence the sever variations and presumably critics.

Latest project

Communication and SCADA for Iranian Gas trunk line 5 (IGAT-5)

Employer: Iranian Gas Engineering Development Company (IGEDC)

Subject: Design, procurement, installation and commissioning of communication turn key system for Gas Trans-Pipeline 56" Number 5 from phase number 6, 7 and 8 Asalooyeh Refinery in Bushehr Province to Aqajari Injection Project in Khuzestan province. This project is in progress based on ITU, ITUR, IEC, DIN, IEEE and also IGEDC needed.

Integrated communication and visual systems for North Azadegan ,South Azadegan, Yadavaran & Jofair Oil Fields

Employer: Iranian Oil Engineering Development Company (IOEDC)

Subject: Design, engineering, procurement, installation and commissioning of telecommunication and visual systems for Azadegan, Yadavaran and Jofair Oil Fields.

Project to replace microwave network for crude oil pipeline

Employer: National Iranian Oil Pipeline and Telecommunication Company (NIOPTC)

Subject: Engineering, procurement and commissioning of communication systems for crude oil pipeline in two large areas of country from sou'weaster to center of south and from north-west to north-east.


The world is in the middle of variation rapidly and the occupation field is full of impressing the newfangled technologies, survival of the agencies, and relied on the development of human capitals and updating the ideas. Productivity and coefficient's rising for developing the knowledge-axis institutions, is implemented on the condition of research, education and consequently knowledge recreating. Based on this matter, SADID Company, in endeavoring for productivity improvement, rising effectiveness and implementation of its organizational targets, has been implemented the special educational and research field for these matters. Occupational tourism as an educational method, causes to promotion of qualified level for technical activities and extension the personnel outlook of SADID Group so that at the least possible time, the specialist personnel would be converted to the specialist who think wholly, and being flexible and skilled. Training in the middle of fulfilling the job, is counted as from another educational effective and positive methods in SADID, via transfer the experiences and findings as well as self-training as per the management duty. Although, SADID Company implemented the precious treasure having knowledge and experience, despite production and keeping such a capital would be inevitable for updating and restating. In this extension, SADID, has proceeded in proportion to implementing the educational unit (Direct Education in the sense of presence in periodical educational classes under viewing of this techniqu's professors) by membership and positioning in PARDIS Technological Park so that along with forces dispatching out of the set, for participating in training workshop and specialty seminars, the personnel's academic and applied power would be promoted in the inner self of the agency actively and independently as well. It is mentionable that the systematic and participation process of education and research in SADID Group would be leaded in the direction of opportunities detection and Foresight.

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